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Can the Redskins Make the Playoffs Part VII


Yes! Not only can the Redskins make the playoffs, for the first time since they fell to 3-6, the odds are in their favor. The turnaround has been as stunning as it's been welcome. At 3-6, Washington had a 1% chance of reaching the postseason. After five consecutive wins, they have a 71% chance. As of Sunday's win over the Browns, the Skins are in -- they'll have to lose AND others will have to win for Washington to be out.

The scenarios at this point are pretty straightforward. If the Redskins win their next two games (at Philadelphia and home against Dallas), they win the NFC East.

Washington can clinch a playoff spot this week if they beat Philly and the Giants, Bears and Vikings all lose. There are no scenarios that could land them seeds 1, 2, 3 or 5.

They could get the 4th seed (and a home playoff game) if they win both of their remaining games, OR they beat Dallas AND the Giants lose one of their remaining games.

Going into their 15th games, the Redskins, Seahawks, Cowboys and Giants will make the playoffs if they win their last two games. (The Cowboys and Skins can't both go 2-0 since they play each other.) If any of these teams lose, Chicago and Minnesota would have a chance to crack the playoffs. Shoot, even St. Louis could get in if everyone falls apart over the final two weeks.

The last two weeks will be a challenge for the Skins. The biggest question is about the health of Robert Griffin III. Kirk Cousins was outstanding, but Washington's run game foundered without the run-pass threat Griffin provides. For the Redskins to make a deep playoff push, they need Griffin back on the field.

The next question is about who's going to be available to play on the offensive line. Right tackle Tyler Polumbus will need to pass his concussion screening. Will Montgomery will have to get clearance from the doctors after spraining his MCL.

And, of course, the Skins will have to deal with the suspension of reserve tackle Jordan Black -- their 6th player suspended for violating the league's drug policy in the past two years. In Black's case, the ruling is about as preposterous as the league penalizing Washington $36 million in cap room this season and next.

In the cap penalty, you may recall that the Skins were punished despite the league acknowledging they'd broken no rules and done nothing wrong. In Black's case, he's being punished for taking Adderall -- a prescribed medication administered for a documented medical issue, which was initially approved by the league.

The NFL's jurisprudence under commissioner Roger Goodell has officially devolved into a kangaroo court.