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2012-13 NBA Power Rankings 4.0

Back with the 4th edition of this season's Broom On the Warpath NBA Power Ranking. As expected, the rankings have begun to stabilize as the league moves beyond Small Sample Size Theater and into, "you are what you are."

Teams shuffled positions at the top, but the basic message from the numbers is that thus far there have been 6 teams significantly better than the rest of the league. At the bottom, the Wizards actually lost ground in the power rating despite winning their first game of the season.

1 3 OKC  100 
NYK  97 
1 MEM  96 
6 LAC  94 
SAS  94 
5 MIA  92 
7 BRK  83 
LAL  80 
9 ATL  78 
10  10 HOU  75 
11  14 CHI  73 
12  11 DEN  71 
13  13 UTA  68 
14  16 GSW  67 
15  15 BOS  66 
16  12 MIL  66 
17  17 PHI  65 
18  19 MIN  64 
19  18 DAL  61 
20  22 IND  58 
21  21 POR  55 
22  26 DET  54 
23  20 PHO  54 
24  25 ORL  52 
25  23 NOH  50 
26  27 CLE  50 
27  24 TOR  50 
28  28 CHA  47 
29  29 SAC  45 
30  30 WAS  36 

Now for the "awards" watch portion of the entry. Rankings are based on my own statistical rating system extracted from the box score. My system (which I really need to name) includes accounting for defense. As always, 100 = average and higher is better.


Tim Duncan  SAS  233 
2 Kevin Durant  OKC  229 
3 Jason Kidd  NYK  222 
5 Anderson Varejao  CLE  221 
-- Chris Paul  LAC  220 

I know what you're thinking. Where's Lebron? How can Varejao be 4th in the MVP "race" when his team is 4-14? Do you have some kind of fetish for old guys?

Lebron currently stands 6th at 218. I understand and even sympathize to some extent about Varejao's inclusion. However, the guy is having a sensational season. He's extremely efficient on average usage, and he's an outstanding rebounder. Unfortunately, he's saddled with a deficient roster -- the only other Cleveland players producing at an average or better rate are Kyrie Irving (who's been injured the past few games) and Omri Casspi (who barely plays).

As for the old guys...Duncan is having a great season. Kidd was phenomenal before he got hurt. If I was ranking players on total production instead of per minute, he wouldn't be in the top 5. He'll need to get back on the court to maintain his spot.

6th MAN

1 Eric Bledsoe  LAC  176 
2 3 Andre Drummond  DET  167 
-- Javale McGee DEN 166
4 -- Ray Allen  MIA  160 
5 -- Louis Williams ATL  158 

Three new players in the top 5 this week with DeMarre Carroll, Carl Landry and Ed Davis dropping. I mentioned possibly changing methodology on this one, but I haven't done anything about it yet. More study needed.


Anthony Davis  NOH  201 
2 2 Andre Drummond DET 167 
3 Bernard James DAL  123
4 5 Michael Kidd-Gilchrist CHA 121
5 -- Damian Lillard POR  116 
Maurice Harkless was 5th last time, but fell to 6th. He's still off to a good start to his rookie season. Wizards rookie -- and 3rd overall pick -- Bradley Beal has disappointed thus far. His rating: 49 -- which is below replacement level.

Finally, here's a first look at my Diamond rating, which compares a player's per game production to his per minute production in an effort to create a shopping list of players who may warrant additional playing time. I usually focus on younger players because I'm generally looking at this list to identify players who might be worth acquiring -- especially since the Wizards are in perpetual rebuild mode.

I'll stick with that focus on younger players in the list below. Cutoffs for making the list: 26 years old or younger; 28 minutes per game or fewer. The list is sorted by the Diamond rating (which is a measure of the degree of disconnect between the player's production and his playing time). I'm not giving the Diamond score because it won't mean anything to anyone but me. Instead, I'm including in the table the player's minutes per game and his overall rating in my stat system. As usual, 100 = average and higher is better.

Brandan Wright  DAL  17.4  178 
Andre Drummond DET  16.8  167 
Eric Bledsoe LAC  19.1  176 
Jimmy Butler CHI  15.9  154 
Omri Casspi CLE  13.0  140 
Javale McGee DEN  18.8  166 
DeMarre Carroll UTA  16.5  151 
Ed Davis TOR  15.4  145 
Andray Blatche BRK  18.9  155 
Louis Williams ATL  24.3  158 

Just to be clear, the Diamond list is not intended as a "gee whiz coaches are stupid" type of thing. There are often good reasons why players get less playing time than their production suggests they should. McGee, for example, has asthma, and his box score stats in the past have overstated his impact on the game. In other cases, young players are behind entrenched veterans or are being limited while they learn (see Drummond). In still other cases, players were brought in to play specific roles (Lou Williams).

That said, there are instances where players are undervalued by their teams. This rating is an attempt to develop a list of players worthy of further research and analysis.

Have questions? Want to know where your favorite player rates? Leave a comment or tweet me @Broom_Kevin.