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Upon Even Further Review: Still No Reason to Panic About Bradley Beal

No reason to panic about Bradley Beal. Getty Images

Some Wizards fans have been openly fretting about the rocky start to Bradley Beal's career. As one fan put it, Beal was purported to be a neuvo-Ray Allen with maybe a little Dwyane Wade mixed in. So far, Beal has missed a bunch of shots and has generally looked like a kid not quite ready to compete against grown men.

I've looked at this issue a couple times already this season -- here and here.  So now after 7 games should Wizards fans worry? No.

Here's a comparison of Beal's first 7 games with Ray Allen's (stats are per 36 minutes):

1st 7 Games Beal  Allen 
MPG 28.7  28.9 
PTS  14.5  17.1 
REB  3.9  3.7 
AST  2.3  1.8 
STL  1.3  1.8 
BLK  0.4  0.0 
TOV  2.0  2.1 
PF  2.3  3.2 
FGA  14.0  14.3 
3FA  5.9  4.3 
FTA  3.8  4.8 
2FG%  .311  .482 
3FG%  .333  .292
eFG .391 .469
FT%  .952  .778 

This comparison suggests remarkably similar players -- the only significant differences are caused by the same thing: Beal's low two-point field goal percentage. His poor conversion rate on two-point attempts has hampered his per-minute scoring and is the cause of his low effective field goal percentage.

But, here's how small the sample size is: the difference in two-point shooting amounts to one made two-point field goal per game.

In other words: it's still too early to worry about Beal. With the exception of two-point shooting, his first seven games have been about the same as Allen -- a player who entered the league two years older and with three years of major college basketball experience.