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Redskins Roundup: Wednesday, October 3

When the in-helmet headset malfunctioned Sunday, rookie QB Robert Griffin III called his own plays and led the team on a game-winning drive. Photo by Keith Allison at WikiMedia Commons. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

No full game review this week -- I was on the road Monday and Tuesday and writing is a bit of a challenge when you're trying to get a 25-foot motorhome around midtown Manhattan.

Anyway, I'm 0-4 on my Redskins picks so far this year. I picked them to lose to the Saints, beat the Rams, beat the Bengals and lose to the Buccaneers. Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong again. In theory, I could pick against the Redskins the rest of the way, and they'd go 14-2, right? Except, then the gods of football would reverse suplex me or something and my picks would start being correct.

A few quick observations from the 22-24 win at Tampa Bay:

  • Robert Griffin III is really, really, really good. Don't get too wrapped up in the stat Mike Jones is floating about Griffin being one of only three rookies with 1,000+ passing yards in his first four games. The other two are Cam Newton (last season), and Ryan Tannehill (this season). Passing yards are inflated in a pass-happy league. Still, Griffin made clutch throws and runs. The kid can play.
  • It would be an overreaction to dump kicker Billy Cundiff after a bad day against Tampa. He redeemed himself a bit by making the game-winner. However, I never saw the point in making the move to Cundiff in the first place. The Skins dumped Graham Gano for an older version of Gano with a slight upgrade on kickoffs. There wasn't enough difference between the two to warrant the move.
  • I remain concerned about the offensive line and the defensive secondary. The line did a nice job run blocking, but again had issues in pass protection. Griffin bailed them out several times with his mobility. The secondary got carved up in the second half by a Tampa offense that has struggled to throw the ball against anyone.
Redskins news that caught my attention the past couple days:

  • Safety Brandon Meriweather and wide receiver Aldrick Robinson missed Sunday's game after that strange collision in the end zone during pre-game warmups. Meriweather re-injured two ligaments in his left knee and will miss this week's game (at a minimum). Robinson was unconscious for more than a minute, according to Shanahan. He's being monitored for a concussion, so I wouldn't expect him back on the field for awhile either.
  • It was good to see Pierre Garcon back on the field despite that stupid personal foul penalty he took. He did not aggravate the foot injury that kept him out the previous two weeks, so he should remain in the lineup.
  • The Washington Post reported that Griffin's headset malfunctioned during the final drive. Unable to hear play calls from the coaches, Griffin called his own plays.
  • Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk has a piece up about a new legal brief filed by the NFL regarding collusion in 2010 -- the uncapped year. In it, the NFL asserts there was no collusion and no secret salary cap. The league also asserts that the Redskins and Cowboys broke no rules or agreements in 2010. For those keeping score at home, yes this legal brief directly contradicts public statements by Giants owner John Mara, in which Mara says the Skins and Cowboys were lucky not to be punished more severely. And, it's yet another WTF from the league. If the Redskins and Cowboys broke no rules or agreements, why did they have salary cap space taken this year and  next? Don't expect this to go too far. The players' association apparently signed away its right to sue the league for collusion.