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Advanced NFL Stats: Redskins' Pass Defense Is League's Worst

DeAngelo Hall is part of the leagues worst pass defense.

Brian Burke from Advanced NFL Stats is out with his weekly Washington Post column with the numbers to show that Washington's pass defense has been the worst in the league.

According to Burke, since 2000 only 12 teams had a worse net passing yards per attempt (the best stat for measuring passing success), and only one of those (the 2011 Patriots) finished with a winning record. The remaining 11 teams averaged fewer than six wins.

Writes Burke:

The Redskins pass defense actually may be worse than it appears, for a couple reasons. First, the pass defense deficiencies have been obscured by their relatively high interception rate. You might think that that's a good thing, and it is. Or I should say, it has been. Rarely do defensive interception rates persist throughout the season. The Redskins current interception rate is  3.5%, significantly higher than the league average of 2.7%, but it's bound to regress. Interceptions are relatively rare and notoriously random, particularly from the defense's perspective. They're thrown by a quarterback more than they are taken by a defense.

Second, the Redskins' opponents so far have been well below average when facing teams other than the Redskins. The Saints, Rams and Bengals have averaged only 5.4 net YPA in their six games against other opponents, a full yard per attempt below the league average. Even Drew Brees and the Saints offense has averaged only 5.9 net YPA in their two games against other opponents.

Hey, but at least the Skins offense has been good, right? Not so much, says Burke. Washington's passing attack has actually been a bit below average considering the opponents they've faced. Check out the rest.