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Redskins, Wizards, Nationals, Capitals -- and Other Stuff



I am a husband, father and long-time fan of the Redskins and Wizards. I was a huge Orioles fan until Peter Angelos started running the team into the ground, and I gave up on the franchise altogether after Cal Ripken retired. I've been following the Nationals since they arrived in DC, and I jumped on the Caps bandwagon during their playoff run last year. <br /> <br /> I grew up during the greatest period in Redskins history -- the Gibbs years. While the team's success waned (even during Gibbs 2.0), I'm like a lot of fans: just hoping Shanahan can turn things around. And hoping that RG3 is the next great quarterback. <br /> <br /> I've been a Wizards and NBA writer and blogger since the late 90s, where I've used (and developed) advanced statistical tools for analysis. "Conventional wisdom" or "stuff we all KNOW is true" is a place to start research. <br /> <br /> I'm migrating from, where I wrote exclusively about the Skins, to this space where I'll blog about the Redskins, and slowly expand into writing about the other DC teams as well. <br /> <br /> I invite you to argue with me in the comments, tell me where I'm wrong, tell me what I'm overlooking, or just letting folks know what you think. And keep coming back -- I'll do my best to keep things fresh and fun.

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